Elemental Story World is a new puzzle RPG game, the latest in the "Elemental Story" series, which was released in 2015 and is still being distributed by popular demand.

The game retains the simple, enjoyable, and exhilarating puzzle elements of Elemental Story, where players form skills with puzzle pieces to attack. The addition of the Play to Earn feature, allowing players to have fun while earning, and the introduction of the new Ruler System provide a fresh gaming experience, even for those familiar with the traditional Elemental Story.

Play To Earn

By completing quests with NFT characters acquired in the marketplace, you can not only earn tokens, but also acquire valuable and rare NFT characters in the Battle Arena (National Tournament). The Battle Arena (National Tournament) is a feature that will be added in a future update.

Ruler System

In Elemental Story World, players can add a Ruler to their party. The Ruler comes with a variety of skills, allowing players to change pieces or boards to gain an advantage in battles. This adds excitement to discovering new party formations and puzzle game strategies.

Another Elemental Story

"Elemental Story" or "Elesto" for short, along with its catchphrase, co-op battle, exhilarating puzzle-erasing game, has been supported by many fans for more than 8 years since its launch.

Elemental Story World (hereinafter referred to as "Elesto World") is a new-generation puzzle game developed to bring the fun of one such completed puzzle game, "Elesto" to even more people.

While "Elesto" was originally marketed as a co-op multiplayer game that could be played by up to four players at the same time, "Elesto World" is focused on "competitive" and "collectible" multiplayer games, with a focus on "updates" and "collectibles." The new "Battle Arena," which will be added in a future update, will allow players to earn tokens by winning matches.

The game will deliver a new gaming experience to everyone as a "puzzle game that you can play and earn" utilizing blockchain technology.

This game is set in a parallel world with a distinct world from Elemental Story. Not only do familiar faces make a fresh appearance with new looks, but also new characters will join this world one after another. These characters have had motions and voices added, revealing a side of them we have not seen before.

While popular content such as Battle Arena and Grand Battle is scheduled for addition through updates, the introduction of the Ruler System and the inclusion of Enhancement Pieces and Elemental Pieces on the puzzle game side will bring a refreshed experience to Elemental Story, offering excitement for the players.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

Elesto World's Eco-Cycle

We see the eco-cycle as one of the most important and indispensable elements of GameFi.

There are several elements that make up the eco-cycle of Elesto World, but we believe that the following 2 indicators are of particular importance.

1. Maintain the circulation and value of NFTs, including NFT characters

2. Maintain the volume and value of tokens (crypto assets) in circulation

1. Maintain the circulation and value of NFTs, including NFT characters

Unlimited issuance of NFTs can make them more accessible, but it can also lead to a devaluation of existing NFTs. From the perspective of securely holding NFTs, this is undesirable, and maintaining prices above a fair floor price is considered essential for establishing a sustainable long term eco-cycle.

As part of the initiatives that Elemental Story World is taking, is to represent the maximum earnable value of NFT characters through a UI called CHARGE gauge. The CHARGE gauge can be recovered by consuming tokens (PG Coin).

GENESIS, the highly scarce NFT character with high token earning potential requires frequent recharging of the CHARGE gauge.

Additionally, burning NFT characters provides materials that can be used to upgrade the rarity of characters. This mechanism creates a regular burn cycle for NFT characters.

In contrast to NFT characters that are burned, controlling the amount of NFT characters that are minted (supplied) ensures the appropriate level of NFT circulation in the entire game.

NFTs other than character, the skill level (ability level) upgrade feature is incorporated by consuming multiple weapons, accessories, land pieces, and tokens (PG Coin).

This helps to encourage the trading activity on the marketplace and also creates a regular burn cycle for NFTs.

2. Maintain the volume and value of tokens (crypto assets) in circulation

Elemental Story World is committed to stabilize the market circulation price by maintaining a balance between the demand (Burn) and supply (Mint) of tokens.

The daily supply of tokens (crypto assets) will be accumulated in a pool by the previous day. Even if all the accumulated crypto assets in this pool were to be liquidated, the amount that does not significantly impact the market value of the tokens will be added.

The crypto assets pooled will continue to be supplied until the tokens pooled for the next day are consumed. To prevent a specific region from having an advantage due to a supply at a specific time, the supply volume is determined on an hourly basis and distributed over a 24 hour period.

We acknowledge the potential to create a GameFi that allows for significant short term earnings, particularly in the initial launch phase.

However, based on our analysis, we have chosen not to adopt this approach, as we consider it triggers the devaluation of NFT and token values. Our vision is focused on the long term.

The Future of ElestoWorld

Planned updates

・Implementation of Ruler

・Implementation of Weapon & accessory

・Implementation of Battle Arena (national competition)

・Implementation of multiplayer raid battles (Grand Battle)

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