Use Cases

Here are the use cases for PGT, the governance token of Elemental Story World, and UXE, the utility token.

Although the full disclosure of all use cases will be revealed later, as a philosophy of ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD, PGT and UXE are designed primarily for situations where NFT generation and the modification of NFT value are necessary.

*Some of the features not mentioned on this whitepaper will be released in future updates.

PGT and NFT Price Stability

Burning the PGT and NFTs in circulation in the Elemental Story World is part of the cycle necessary to maintain a healthy eco-cycle and value over the long term. UXE that is consumed in use cases will be burned or accumulated in a token pool to serve as the source of the EARN. NFTs that are out of balance with supply and demand are stored in an NFT Recycle Pool to be burned or recycled

Token pool

The supply of UXE issued from Elemental Story World is unlimited and must maintain the value per token. All UXE consumed in use cases are stored and become the source of UXE that will be restored in the in-game token pool. The token pool is restored at certain intervals, and users can earn PU Coins by assembling NFT characters with Earn abilities and completing quests. The amount of tokens that can be earned is based on the number of NFT characters in the team, the presence of GENESIS, and the remaining balance of the token pool.

Impact of the token pool on the game

In Elemental Story World, the daily output of the token is controlled by the token pool.

The token pool is restored at certain intervals.

The token pool status and the remaining time to be restored can be checked on the game's home screen.

*The restored amount of token pool depends on the amount of UXE consumed in use cases.

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