Each character can equip 1 weapon, which modifies the HP and ATK stats. NFT weapons randomly increase HP and ATK. Additionally, weapons have skills that can be activated along with a character's skill if the skill shapes match.

*Generally, the top skill among one of the 3 skills that a character has will be activated when the skill shapes match.

Each weapon has equipment requirements, such as attribute and species, and weapons that do not meet the requirements cannot be equipped.

Weapons come in 3 rarity levels up to ★3. The higher the rarity, the more the stat is modified when equipped, and the more powerful the skills.

Weapons can be enhanced by using other weapons as enhancement materials. Enhancing a weapon will increase the skill Lv of the weapon.

*For more information on training, please refer to "Training NFTs".

*Additional update is planned for the weapon. Specifications are subject to change.

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