Training NFTs

In Elemental Story World, players can train 4 NFTs: characters, weapons, accessories, and landpieces. NFTs that are developed will increase in performance and value.

Character Development

The following character development elements exist:

  • Rarity (★3 - ★8)

Rarity for each character can be enhanced by consuming character-specific materials and Mana, which can be earned by clearing quests. The amount of required character-specific materials and Mana varies depending on the rarity. Enhancing the rarity of a character increases their stats, unlock the character level cap and awakening abilities.

★6 Awakening ability 1 will be unlocked ★7 Awakening ability 2 will be unlocked

*Please note that specifications may be subject to change.

  • Character level (1 - 99)

Characters can level up by completing quests, using Mana, or utilizing training materials. As characters level up, their stats will increase accordingly.

  • Skill Lv (1 - 10), Ability Lv (1 - 10)

Players can level up their Skill Lv and Ability Lv by collecting and consuming training materials earned through quests and other means. Leveling up Skill Lv and Ability Lv increases their attack power and effect.

*Awakening abilities cannot be leveled up, and their level is determined when they are granted.

  • Ability Reroll

In addition, the abilities (2 random slots) that a character has can be rerolled (reallocate) by consuming a special item.

Charge gauge

NFT characters have a unique ability called CHARGE gauge and this gauge is consumed when the character earns tokens. The reduced CHARGE gauge can be recovered by using PG coins.

Weapon Enhancements

Weapons can be enhanced by using other weapons as enhancement materials. Enhancing a weapon will increase the skill Lv of the weapon, and HP and ATK value will be enhanced.

As the skill Lv of a weapon increases, the duration of the effect extends, and the number of turns (charge turns) until the skill can be used is reduced.

Accessory Enhancements

Accessory can be enhanced by consuming other accessories as material. Enhancing an accessory will level UP the ability Lv and HP and ATK value will be enhanced.

As the ability level increases, the effect value of the ability will increase.


By collecting a certain number of identical Land Piece, players can upgrade them to a higher rarity Land Piece.

As the rarity increases, the amount of training materials generated will increase.

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