Puzzle System

Battles in Elemental Story World are puzzle games.

Basically, by connecting 3 or more pieces of the same color vertically or horizontally, the character corresponding to the attribute of the corresponding piece (in the case of a yellow piece, the light attribute) will attack.

In addition, each character's skill has a different formation, and the skill can be activated by placing the puzzle pieces on the board in the shape of the skill. The key to the game is to show your technique by arranging the pieces within the time limit.

Elemental Piece

One of the pieces that may appear on the board during battle and this special piece can be treated as any of the 5 attributes. This will make it easier to activate multiple combos at once, which increases the chances of receiving benefits such as boosted skill effects. It will change into a piece of one of the attributes after 1 turn.

Enhanced Piece

During the battle, each attribute piece can turn into an enhanced piece based on the specific character abilities. When arranging pieces, including enhanced pieces will enhance the attack power and skill power of characters corresponding to the attribute of the pieces. Including multiple Enhanced Pieces will further enhance their effects.

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