Game Cycle

In Elemental Story World battles, strategy (the phase of building deck before the battle) and tactics (controlling the puzzle pieces during the battle) are important elements, and training is a preparation for the battle.

The cycle of strategy, tactics, and training is formed as follows: strategy for tactics, training for strategy, and training for training based on the results of tactics.

Main cycle

  1. Aqquire characters, weapons, accessories, and other equipments from gacha, markets, etc.

  2. Aim to complete quests, by completing quests, raise the level of the characters and obtain training materials.

  3. Use the training materials obtained from quests to train your characters.

Co-op multiplayer content "Grand Battle"

Grand Battle is a multiplayer battle where multiple players cooperate to defeat a powerful boss. Players will be rewarded with substantial amount of training materials and other items.

*Grand Battle is scheduled to be introduced in future updates.

Challenge Content

  1. Battle Arena (National Competition)

This is a content that determines the number one player. Achieving high rankings in the national competition allows you to earn the premium prizes such as rare NFT characters.

  1. Trial  

Challenge content for solo player. By completing the challenges, players can earn characters and tokens.

*Additional update is planned for Grand Battle and Battle Arena. Specifications are subject to change.

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