NFT characters are used in battles and are the main NFTs in the Elemental Story World. NFT characters are essential for Play-to-Earn in Elemental Story World.

Players can earn tokens (PU Coin) by completing trials or EARN quests with their NFT characters. The number of generated NFT characters is limited. This is controlled by the number of people participating in Elemental Story World and the market conditions. Among the NFT characters, there are GENESIS, which are exclusive NFTs with a limited number of supply. GENESIS is a scarce NFT character with a unique appearance and enhanced EARN abilities and typically circulated through auctions or sales.

Character Type


Non-NFT Character


Can be earned through in-game gacha. Earning characters you already have through the in-game gacha will automatically be converted into exclusive fragment and soul fragment.

Non-NFT Character


Can be earned through in-game events (trials). Earning the characters you already have through the in-game gacha will automatically be converted into exclusive fragment.

NFT Character (Normal)

Characters that ca be earned through the Market and National Tournament Ranking Rewards. By assembling a team and successfully completing quests, PU Coins can be earned. Burning them will grant you the exclusive fragment.

NFT Character (GENESIS)

A special edition NFT character with a limited supply that has an enhanced ability to earn tokens (PU-Coin) than the normal NFT characters.

About the Fragment

When earning characters or burning them, they are converted into the following items.

Exclusive Fragment These fragments are unique to each character, such as Alice Fragments and Pandora Fragments. They can be used to upgrade the rarity of that character.

Soul Fragment A certain number of soul fragments can be exchanged for exclusive fragments for each character.

Elements that make up a character

The main components of the characters have 3 skills, 4 abilities, and 5 attributes, of which 2 of the 4 abilities are randomly determined when the characters are acquired.


The main components of the characters have 5 attributes, 3 skills, and 4 abilities of which 2 of the 4 abilities are randomly determined when the NFT characters are acquired.

Elements TypeFeature


Favorable to Tree (2.0 times the damage inflicted)


Favorable to Fire (2.0 times the damage inflicted)


Favorable to Water (2.0 times the damage inflicted)


Favorable to Dark (2.0 times the damage inflicted)


Favorable to Light (2.0 times the damage inflicted)


Characters have 6 stats related to their performance in battle and Play-To-Earn.

Status TypeFeature


(★3 to ★8)

Each character can be enhanced by consuming character-specific materials and Mana, which can be earned by clearing quests. The amount of required character-specific materials and Mana varies depending on the rarity. Enhancing the rarity of a character increases their stats, unlock the character level cap and awakening abilities.

★6 Awakening ability 1 will be unlocked

★7 Awakening ability 2 will be unlocked

*Please note that specifications may be subject to change.


Levels up by completing quests or using in-game items, Mana and materials. Leveling up increases HP and ATK.


Affects the durability of the character.


Affects the amount of damage done.

Skill Lv

Affects skill effects.


Affects the acquisition of tokens (Play-To-Earn).


Characters have 3 skills.

Each skills has a set of pieces (puzzle pieces on the board) and a set of shapes that must aligne to activate the skill. These skills can be activated by placing the pieces according to the shape of the skill.


There are 2 normal abilities and 2 awakening abilities. Abilities can increase damage dealt to specific attributes or affiliations, or can be activated under certain conditions (i.e., gimmick countermeasures). Abilities can be leveled up by using materials.

▼Awakening Ability

Awakening abilities are randomly assigned from 2 abilities when a NFT character is acquired. The probability of each ability being assigned is not the same, as there are also special abilities. Abilities that are randomly assigned can be rerolled using a specific item.

*Awakening abilities for the non-NFT characters are set and fixed (reroll is possible)

*For more information on rerolling, please refer to "Training NFTs".

Examples of Abilities


Beast Killer

Increased damage to the beast species

Latent Energy

Increased attack power when less than 20% HP


Chance to remain 1 HP after taking damage that could defeat the character.


Increased attack power when HP is 80% or more

How to obtain NFT characters

The following 3 methods of obtaining NFT characters are planned at this time (8/18/2023):

  • Purchase from various sales

  • Trade in the Marketplace

  • Ranking Rewards for National Competitions

 *National competitions are scheduled to be added in future updates.

NFT character's ability to acquire tokens

If you have at least one NFT character in your party, you may be able to earn tokens (PU Coin) after completing trials or EARN quests.

Each NFT character has an element called charge gauge. When the acquisition of tokens after clearing quests occurs, the amount of remaining charge gauge decreases according to the amount of tokens acquired, and NFT characters whose charge gauge has reached 0 will be temporarily unable to acquire tokens.

The CHARGE gauge of each NFT character can be recovered by consuming PG Coin.

*May fluctuate depending on the floor price of the market.


GENESIS is special edition NFT characters with limited supply with enhanced ability to earn tokens. In addition to the abilities of normal NFT characters, GENESIS characters have enhanced EARN ability, increasing the token earnings by 1.5 times after completing quests.

Including GENESIS characters in your party allows more efficient token earning.

GENESIS can be purchased at various sales and marketplaces.

*The total supply of GENESIS may be reduced based on the issued supply of GENESIS during sales and other events.

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